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Reconciliation Research Center - About us

We are a research oriented “Think Tank” comprised of persons around the globe interested in the reconciling process to overcome debilitating conflict while achieving reconciliation, reflected in restored relationships and renewed productivity.

We are organizing as a non-profit corporation with a Board of Trustees, an Executive Committee and an Advisory Council. Administration is accomplished through an Executive Director, a Coordinator of Research, a Copy Editor, contracted technical service personnel and Volunteer Associates in academic, career and technical fields.

  1. Independent and privately funded;

  2. Not affiliated with any social, political or religious institutions, groups or societies;

  3. Inclusive in age, geographical, racial, creedal, fiscal, ideological, educational and gender participation.

We are a research organization. The research is to be designed and implemented in four formats:

  1. Empirical (experiential) research in areas of individual and social behavior where debilitating conflict exists and where reconciliation is desirable;

  2. Identification/location (survey) research to identify existing publications, projects and programs that deal with reconciliation;

  3. Communication/evaluation research to annotate sources, create new or utilize existing dissemination methods and to make available examples of reconciliation;

  4. Probability statistical research into the relationship of objective to process (goal to action plan) in reconciling as the process (action plan), to reconciliation (goal) as the outcome-- process-to-product ratio analysis.

We exist as an office, a postal address, a website, an email address. We contract with various service corporations and receive support services from our Trustees, Advisory Council and Volunteer Associates.

       Reconciliation Research Center - Post Office Box 2524 Blue Ridge, Georgia 30513 
       © 2006 -- Harold C. Doster, Ph.D.