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Reconcile as Process (verb), Reconciliation as Product (noun): Definitions

The verb reconcile has four meanings (WordNet):

1) Make compatible with: accommodate, conciliate;
2) Bring into consonance of accord: harmonize, attune;
3) Come to terms with: settle, make up, patch up;
4) Accept as inevitable: resign, submit.

The noun reconciliation exists in two areas (Free Online Dictionary):

  1. The reestablishment of cordial relations: rapprochement, cooperation, unity, joint action or operation;

  2. Getting two things to correspond: balance, equalization, leveling, congruous, making suitable.

These two definitions as verb and a noun, when considered along with insights from “Webster’s New International Dictionary,” combine for a six point summary definition:

  1. To reestablish a close relationship after estrangement: conciliate, reunite, pacify, forgive; to be congenial, friendly, loving;

  2. To settle or resolve: adjust, rectify, straighten out, agree upon, find peacefulness;

  3. To bring oneself to accept: acquiesce, conform, submit, resign, be content, be serene;

  4. To make compatible or consistent: acclimate, accommodate, fit, tailor;

  5. To become compatible or consistent: adjust, adapt, fashion, square, suit, change, be flexible;

  6. To bring into accord: accommodate, attune, coordinate, harmonize, integrate, apportion, blend.

--Definitions using synonyms for reconciliation with applications:

1) Reunite -- relationships
2) Rectify – disputes
3) Resign – situations
4) Accommodate – inconsistencies
5) Adapt – incompatibilities
6) Harmonize – discord

--Definitions using antonyms for reconciliation synonyms:

1) Estrange – reunite
2) Alienate – rectify
3) Quarrel – resign
4) Disagree – accommodate
5) Divide – adapt
6) Clash – harmonize.

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