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Factor Identifications and Analysis in the Reconciling Process and Reconciliation Survey

The intent of this survey instrument is to identify factors (components, stages or elements) in the process of reconciling and the outcome of reconciliation. The following definition provides respondents with an understanding of how these two concepts are viewed for this research.

“The verb reconcile is to make compatible, bring into accord, accept, settle, rectify and come to terms; reconciliation is the establishment of cordial relationships after estrangement: accommodating, acclimating, adjusting or adapting to become compatible, congruous, in balance or attuned.”

In the following three questions, when conflict situations have been reconciled beyond the cessation of hostility to a status in which relationships have been restored to reconciliation, what factors (steps or components) were essential to achieving this outcome? Please respond in words, phrases or sentences with as many factors as you found to be critical to the reconciling process. If sequencing or priority order is thought to be important or necessary, please number the factors, with #1 being most important or occurring before others. 

NOTE:  We are not taking any surveys at this time online.  If you would to submit a survey, please contact us and we will be happy to send you one.

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